3 Essay Services That Are Not Worth Your Money

Making a decision regarding the proper essay service in a highly populated market is no easy task. Besides running into the risk of falling for a fraud or scam, there is also the chance that you will pick one that delivers a very low-quality product, to the point where it’s hardly usable.

Our goal has always been to help students make wise decisions and to offer them an unbiased review of what they can expect from each service that we’ve used. This is done by taking into consideration aspects that we have found during our research, as well as the first-hand experience we had with the websites mentioned.

Seeing how resources are generally limited for students, we decided to have a look at three services that are not worth their money.

  1. 1.      EvolutionWriters

This company offers a complete range of services. Students, businesses and people applying for jobs should feel well represented by the options that the website features. Each of theses groups is claimed to be provided with unique, high-quality writing that will represent them.

One of the first things you can notice is that the website is lacking in content. There are no samples offered and no testimonials and verifiable information regarding their writers is nowhere to be found. The customer reviews that we read were mixed, with one of the most common complaints being the writing quality. We experienced the same problem with our paper – there were numerous noticeable grammar and punctuation problems.

Customer support informed us that fixing these mistakes, which were obviously of no fault of our own, would cost us extra.

Prices were above average, with no discounts other than a loyalty program. For the money you would spend here, there are other services with superior quality that you could look into.

  1. 2.     PaperHelm

This one offers standard services for the academic range: high school essays, research papers, theses, assignments, dissertations, presentations and more. Editing and proofreading services are also provided, as it has become increasingly popular lately.

One thing that we noticed when looking at their website was a discrepancy between copyright dates and mentions being made in some of the writer’s background. The site seems to have appeared this year, yet some of the team members are said to have worked there for many years now. There is also no mention of rebranding or being owned by another company that is older.

Writing quality was well below expectations, making us believe the writers used were not the ones mentioned in their team section. Our paper had several grammar and word usage issues, on top of suffering from a poor research and weak arguments overall.

Prices are very high, with discounts not being a clear aspect. We had a 50% discount for our first order and only then fell in the average range. There are no mentions for ways of getting a promo code or any kind of other coupon codes over time.

  1. 3.     SleekWriters

This company’s services are what you would expect from most websites focused on academic writing: essays, research papers, theses, dissertations and others along the same lines. There are also editing and proofreading options available.

The quality of the writing, however, was severely lacking. Seeing how this is the most important aspect of such a service, we find it difficult to recommend it over competitors that do well in that aspect.

Prices were average, with discounts being typical as well: new customers receive a fixed percentage while returning ones have a variable discount that depends on the amount spent on the website.

Our rating for this site is below average. As is the case for the other two mentioned in this article.

We recommend that you read our reviews if you want alternatives.